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Superior Livestock Auction

The History of Superior Livestock Auction 

In January of 1987, SUPERIOR LIVESTOCK AUCTION introduced satellite video marketing to the nation's cattle industry and forever changed the way load lots of cattle were marketed. From that first auction at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Superior has grown to become the largest livestock auction in the United States, marketing over one million head of cattle annually.

Through its complete marketing network, Superior Livestock Auction serves both buyers and sellers throughout the United States. Unlike conventional marketing methods, buyers have the opportunity to view, evaluate and make selections from cattle across the country in the convenience of their office or living room. Consignors can offer cattle, seen in their natural surroundings, to a larger potential buyer base. Load lots of country fresh cattle are marketed using the most accurate form of pricing discovery available -- competitive bidding. Superior has created a truly national livestock market, where prices are discovered without regard to local climate conditions, or demand.

Superior Livestock Auction is a national marketing company, with over 350 trained and experienced representatives located in all of the major beef producing areas. National promotional programs and extensive mailings insure visibility throughout the country for sellers, whether offering one load or many loads. Bi-weekly cataloged auctions and regular weekly auctions, provide an avenue for both buyer and seller to take advantage of current market conditions.

From the time we set foot on the seller's property until the cattle are sold and reach their new owner, personal hands-on attention is given to insure the sales contract is followed completely. From the preview to the concise, informative sales catalog.

The success and growth of Superior Livestock Auction is the result of its reputation for honesty and integrity, its qualified and professional staff, thousands of satisfied customers, its leadership role in industry innovations, and its goal to be the best, most complete livestock marketing service in the industry.

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Eric Duarte - Your Superior Livestock Representative

Marketing cattle THE SUPERIOR WAY begins with contact being made between the producer and Eric Duarte (as a superior representative). Once the producer agrees to consign the cattle, we will view and film the cattle in their natural surroundings. Next, a consignment contract which describes the breed type, base weight, number of head, frame size and condition, feeding program, weighing conditions and health program is completed and signed by the consignor. It is then forwarded to Superior's Brush, Colorado office.

The film of the cattle is sent to Superior's Fort Worth, Texas, office where experienced personnel edit the film in preparation for the preview and auction. Information from the consignment contract is entered into the computer by trained office personnel and an on-line catalog is prepared from this information. The printed version of the on-line catalog is then mailed to potential buyers who must register for a buyer's number.

The day of the auction, buyers and sellers alike are either at the auction site or viewing the auction via a nationwide satellite broadcast from the comfort of their office or living room. The auctioneer conducts the auction as load lots of cattle are sold to buyers bidding at the auction site or via telephone.

Following the auction, we will contact the successful bidder to arrange a delivery date. All cattle are sold F.O.B. the consignor's farm or ranch.

On the day of delivery, we will be present to oversee the sorting and loading of the cattle onto the buyer's truck. At delivery, the seller is issued a check drawn on Superior's bonded custodial account. Payment is also due from the buyer at that time.

The cattle are weighed and shipped directly from the ranch to the buyer's feedlot, farm, or ranch. This greatly reduces stress and potential health problems to the cattle.

Advertise on Superior Livestock Auction
Show your product or service to thousands of buyers and consignors who watch Superior every Friday morning on G-3, Channel 18. If it's Friday morning, Superior has an auction...and our customers will be there! You can tap into our established market audience.

Video Production
Need a video or multimedia piece? No Problem. Our staff has a combined 75 years of media production experience. Our experience is primarily in the agricultural marketing arena. From script to screen we can help you create a communication tool within your budget.


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